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Physicians And Dentists Who are Striving to Improve Profitability

September 23, 2019
Physicians, Dentists and other small to mid-sized providers of health care services who are striving to improve the profitability of their practices are the focus of a new product of Grassi Healthcare Advisors LLC (GHA). Success in today’s environment requires three things for success—achievement of desired outcomes, controlled costs, and positive patient engagement.  Practice Profitability™ incorporates the processes and strategies the firm has developed over the years assisting providers with success in these three areas, and consolidates it into a one-year coaching process.  After an initial assessment, the GHA team works together with you to develop a success plan and then coaches you through the next year on achieving it.

Practice Profitability™ addresses a full range of issues affecting practices, including the market environment, payor strategies, productivity and efficiency of operations, use of technology, revenue integrity, and personal financial health.  “Physicians and dentists are skilled at caring for the health of their patients,” says Joseph Tomaino, GHA’s Chief Executive Officer, “and with Practice Profitability™ we care for their well-being.”  Each practice is assigned a success coach, and the firm’s deep bench of experts in revenue, risk management, accounting, cyber-security, and wealth management provides additional resources.

For an initial conversation about the health of your practice, and to explore how Practice Profitability™ may benefit you, contact Joseph Tomaino, Chief Executive Officer, at or call him at 212-223-5020.

For pricing information based on the size of your practice, and to sign up, click here.