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Transformation Strategy

  • Technical Advisory Services for Behavioral Health Care Collaborative on Development of Accountable Care Organization (ACO)

    Project Description: Currently engaged in a multi-year project to assist a group of a dozen behavioral health and primary care providers in development of an ACO focused on persons needing treatment for substance use disorders and mental health issues, coupled with primary care, throughout New York City.  This Collaborative is one of five funded by New York State in the New York City region.

    Results / Value Proposition:The Collaborative receives technical advisory services on governance, analytics, clinical integration, and quality management program development.  They also benefit from GHA meeting facilitation, training webinars, and project management.

  • Multi-site Community Based Organization providing substance use disorder services in an urban environment

    Project Description: Assisted client with managed care contracting in preparation for the transition from fee-for-service Medicaid reimbursement to managed care for their ambulatory substance abuse programs, as well as associated revenue cycle redesign to support managed are billing.  Also, assist with strategic analysis of opportunities to develop home and community based programs under Medicaid.  Spin-off projects include compliance gap analysis and improvement, physician billing review, and eligibility workflow improvement.

    Results / Value Proposition: Client organization was able to successfully transition from transaction based Medicaid reimbursement to managed care without interuption of cash flow

  • Multi-faceted community organization providing primary care and mental health services throughout the state

    Project Description: Assist client with selection of appropriate system that supports behavioral health clinical and revenue operations, and interfaces with primary care information system.

    Results / Value Proposition: Client organization was able to develop system requirements specific to its scope of services and use these in the selection and implementation of an electronic health system that now contributes to effective and efficient care delivery and integrated revenue cycle.

  • DSRIP Performing Provider System (PPS) in New York City

    Project Description: Provided technical advisory services for a one year period for ten participating sites demonstrating the integration of primary care and behavioral health, including substance use disorder services.  Sites included urban medical centers, community health centers, and community mental health organizations.  Project also included the support of the use of tele-health in an integrated care setting.

    Results / Value Proposition: Each of the sites was assisted in developing an implementation plan for integration of of primary care and behavioral health including:

    Selection of most appropriate model of service delivery
    Financial modeling of integrated services
    Development of clinical best practices
    Staffing model and development of staff competencies
    Planning of physical environment and equipment needs
    Revenue cycle support of integration
    Regulatory compliance