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About Us

In the current accountable-care healthcare environment, medical providers and healthcare organizations are transitioning from a transactional fee-for-service business model, to a value-based payment model. This paradigm shift requires high quality outcomes with controlled utilization and costs.  During this transition, healthcare providers and organizations are taking on increased levels of risk.

Grassi Healthcare Advisors, LLC has a team of consulting professionals to assist clients in navigating this transition.  We use a multi-functional approach with team members who have the knowledge, skills, and experience to perform the engagement. Our ability to deliver valuable services is based on our team’s in-depth understanding of the healthcare environment, care delivery design and implementation, revenue integrity, and compliance.
Clients served represent providers across the continuum of care.  GHA has assisted solo and group medical providers, community health organizations, home care agencies, residential care facilities, skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, and healthcare systems. 
GHA begins each engagement with an initial meeting to understand your company’s specific situation and needs, and then designs an individualized proposal to assist in achieving desired goals. 

Categories of our engagements include:
  • Transformation of structures and processes to succeed under value-based payment models, such as ACO’s, bundled payment models, and expanded managed care programs.
  • Strategic business development to better match provider and organization services’ health needs and health reform initiatives—such as DSRIP.
  • Technical support for the development of innovative care delivery models—such as the integration of primary care and behavioral health.
  • Development of strategic information systems plan to accommodate data needs under new payment models—including health information system and application selection advisory services.


Grassi Healthcare Advisors, LLC team members are proficient in data collection and analysis, which provides clients with a clearer perspective of opportunities and risks. We can either utilize your company’s existing systems and tools, or utilize our access to powerful programs in order to address your needs.
Good decision making is supported by sound financial models that allow various scenarios to be tested.  By building such financial models and incorporating the desired results of our clients, we provide a basis of analysis of your current operational results to your desired results.


We bring to each project: an understanding of value-based payment and the trajectory of the healthcare industry as a whole, and the ability to develop innovative strategies to help improve access to your services, outcomes, and operational efficiencies and margins.


Once a model of your company’s desired result is achieved, Grassi Healthcare Advisors, LLC team members establish measures of success and systems of monitoring them to ensure the change is sustained. We assist you in communicating and implementing these processes with your stakeholders—including staff, medical providers, consumers, payers, and regulators.  Our approach is to leave our clients with a self-sustaining program that will continue to serve long after the engagement concludes.

As a member of the Grassi & Co. Group of Accounting and Consulting companies, Grassi Healthcare Advisors, LLC has access to a rich pool of resources for clients in need of accounting, audit, valuation, tax, or bookkeeping services.   For additional information about Grassi & Co. Healthcare services, click here.