Grassi Healthcare | Grassi Healthcare Advisors Launches COVID-19 Emergency Resource Center
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Grassi Healthcare Advisors Launches COVID-19 Emergency Resource Center

March 27, 2020
Grassi Healthcare Advisors (GHA) is offering a wide range of emergency consulting and support services to help healthcare organizations get through the COVID-19 crisis. These services are based on the latest best practices and governmental advisories on operational issues, as well as all available emergency funding resources.

As healthcare leaders struggle to respond to mounting issues and changes each day, GHA's team of business consultants and healthcare clinicians can supplement their existing staff and provide additional support in these unprecedented times.

GHA's crisis response specialists are helping clients impacted by COVID-19 in various ways:
  • Assist with the development of new processes and workflows to continually meet clinical, operational and revenue cycle needs
  • Implement processes and billing procedures for telemedicine, during and after the pandemic
  • Help providers comply with HHS reporting requirement for CARES Act funds
  • Train and develop staff in new policies and procedures
  • Develop and monitor critical benchmarks to measure performance and expected cash flow, especially as revenue teams work remotely
  • Develop and maintain 12-week rolling cash flow and reforecast of budget for remainder of year
  • Assist with applications for bridge financing and/or government programs to obtain emergency funds to cover COVID-19 losses
  • Monitor and substantiate business damages and expenses for potential insurance or FEMA reimbursement

These are just a few of the ways GHA is helping healthcare clients make confident decisions in very uncertain times. With advanced technology capabilities, the team is able to serve clients across the country with reliable and effective remote services.

If you need assistance with business continuity, risk management, emergency funding or other issues arising out of the COVID-19 pandemic, contact Joe Tomaino at or 212.223.5020.