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Grassi Healthcare Advisors Announces New Medical Mastermind Group

February 27, 2020
Grassi Healthcare Advisors invites physicians, dentists and other healthcare practice owners to join the GHA Medical Mastermind, an exclusive subscription-based group created specially for independent medical providers.

A "mastermind" group is defined as an informal board of directors of businesspeople with a similar pursuit who meet regularly to support, advise, and challenge each other in a supportive way. Grassi Healthcare Advisors, LLC (“GHA”) sponsors a mastermind group that provides these benefits to medical providers who are independently running their business and are striving to be successful.

Each month the group meets at Grassi's headquarters at 50 Jericho Quadrangle in Jericho, NY. Over a light dinner, members first discuss their successes of the month. Then, each month a different member of the group takes turns being the focus of the meeting. This member goes into their business, how they are doing, the challenges they face, and the objectives they want to meet. Each attendee takes turns asking this member questions and giving their insights and advice.

At each meeting, there will also be a brief informational presentation on a different topic. Examples of these topics include:
  • Getting the most out of your managed care contracting
  • Making sure your billers are doing the most for you
  • How much your business is worth and how to make it more valuable
  • Avoiding takebacks from payor audits
  • Keeping up with labor and safety regulations

There are additional benefits of participating in the Medical Mastermind. Each participant is entitled to a monthly personal coaching call with Joe Tomaino, CEO of GHA and Partner of Healthcare Business Transformation services. This offers the participant an opportunity to discuss more sensitive issues that they don’t feel comfortable discussing in a group. Members receive a weekly motivational message from Joe by text and are encouraged to remain in contact with each other between meetings.

Participation in the GHA Medical Mastermind is by annual subscription, divided into twelve monthly payments of $300.00, automatically charged to your credit card. Any subscribers to the Medical Mastermind also receive a 15% discount for any GHA advisory services. Each member is also entitled to a two-session private discussion of their wealth building strategy. For the most benefit, members are encouraged to attend meetings and participate in person. The informational portion of each meeting will be recorded and shared with subscribers who could not attend the meeting in person. For confidentiality purposes, the sharing portion of the meeting will not be recorded.

The group meets the fourth Wednesday evening of each month at 6 PM. Criteria for participation is that you must be an owner of a healthcare professional practice or aspire to become one soon. You also must have a willingness to openly share and participate in the discussions. The subscription is on an annual basis, and there is no refund for missed meetings as other benefits also available to members during the month.

To begin your subscription to the GHA Medical Mastermind, CLICK HERE. For more information, contact Joe Tomaino at 212-223-5020 or