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EAlert: NYS Health Care Facility Transformation

Yesterday, New York State released the long awaited Statewide Health Care Facility Transformation Program II offering.   This program offers capital funding for healthcare organizations who seek to implement projects which meet the state’s goals of transforming health care and improve sustainability. Last cycle, the healthcare experts of Grassi & Co. assisted a number of clients with these applications with great success.  Several of our clients each received over $1.4 million in funding.
The application we utilize is straightforward, but requires sophistication when presenting the value proposition with respect to community needs and DSRIP, and a financial proforma of how the transformation contributes to sustainability of your organization. 
Because time is critical for putting together good applications, we would appreciate the opportunity to have a call to discuss your organization's plans for transforming healthcare delivery and how we may be able to assist you in pursing this funding opportunity. Please call Joseph Tomaino, CEO at Grassi Healthcare Advisors, at 212-223-5020 or email him at